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The NoisySix is now discontinued. However, support for the NoisySix installation, troubleshooting, or usage is still available using our contact form.

NoisySix Features: Six-Waveshape LFO, S&H, Manual PW (for Square-wave LFO), and White/Dark Noise Generator for Korg PolySix

The NoisySix is an all analog hardware upgrade for the Korg Polysix synthesizer. It provides a 6-waveform LFO (takes over the existing MG circuit), and a White & "Dark" (similar to Pink, but roll-off is shifted lower) Noise source.

Please note that the Noisysix™ upgrade is not compatible with the Kiwisix™ upgrade. The Noisysix requires the original KLM-367A CPU mainboard to be installed and working properly!

The six-waveform LFO provides a broad frequency range of approximately 160 Seconds up to 100Hz.

The LFO waveforms are: Sine, Triangle, Ramp, Saw, Square (including manual PW control from 10% to 90%), and S&H (clocked from the LFO itself).

Audio Video Demos can be found: here

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Additional Info

The Korg Polysix has gained a lot of attention and praise for its warm analog sound, flexibility of programming, and its ability to be modified and upgraded where modern studio and live performance setups require more control. The original design lacked a few key elements that other synthesizers had during its time. One element was a noise source. The NoisySix upgrade provides both a Pink and White noise source (selectable). The second element was the MG section (LFO circuit). The original Polysix design was limited to a triangle wave for its MG / LFO source. It was also limited to a narrow range of MG speed. The NoisySix upgrade provides 6 waveforms, and a broad frequency range for the MG.

Six Waveshape LFO
NoisySix provides a 6-waveshape LFO (MG circuit). It includes: SINE, TRIANGLE, RAMP, SAW, SQUARE, AND S&H. In addition, the FREQUENCY range of the MG circuit is extremely wide (approx. 0.005Hz to 100Hz). Additionally, a control “SQR-PW” is provided to allow for manual pulse-width adjustment of the Square Wave (from 10% to 90%). The S&H circuit utilizes the Pink Noise source and is gated (or “clocked”) by the LFO’s Square Wave. Hence, the S&H is true analog (random).

Pink / White Noise
NoisySix provides a Pink and White Noise source. The noise source can be selected as either Pink, none, or White. Additionally a level control is provided in order to produce just that right amount of noise into your sound. The addition of a noise source will allow your Polysix to breathe life like never before. Many other analog synths before and after the era of Polysix had this advantage. With the NoisySix, you can have that classic analog character that has been long missing from the Polysix.

(Also see our FAQ section in the support page for more info)

Note: The NoisySix is not compatible with the Kiwisix upgrade. There are no plans to make the NoisySix compatible with Kiwisix primarily due to the fact that the Kiwi upgrade for Polysix completely replaces the mainboard (KLM-367A) that the NoisySix must utilize, in part, for specific (original) analog circuitry.

The NoisySix Installation Guide can be viewed here

Service Bulletin: VSL-2016-17-APRIL-P6-N6.1 can be viewed here -- Regarding Korg Polysix synthesizer improvement to reduce slewing and increase frequency response of the LFO (MG) circuit when a V.S.L. NoisySixTM upgrade kit is installed.