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VCF-74 - Voltage Controlled Filter


VCF-74 : Voltage Controlled Filter Eurorack Module in 14HP


UPDATE FOR 27-JULY-2017 regarding availability of the VCF-74:
The VCF-74 "MK1" (original filter module) is out of production, as it will be replaced with the "MK2" series module...

First, we would like to thank everyone for their continued patience with the VCF-74 being out-of-stock worldwide. We decided to revise the VCF-74 for the next production run to "MK2" series. But don't worry, we are not making any major changes that affect the core sound/characteristic of this filter module. Rather, some minor improvements. However, the sheer number and type of changes warranted a "MK2" designation for this revision.

We are now starting the production of the new VCF-74 ("MK2" version). Our estimate for the first shipment will be September of this year (2017). What are the changes for the new MK2 version of VCF-74?...

1. The faceplate will look exactly the same, except the addition of "MK2" nomenclature screen printed.

2. The audio signal path will have slightly lower frequency response as a result of component value changes.

3. The audio signal path will now use fewer coupling capacitors (more direct-coupled circuits mean better performance, less slewing).

4. Extra buffer circuits at the input and final filter-to-output stage (which will improve performance)

5. Added calibration trim-pots for resonance control.

6. Revised power supply filtering scheme for the discrete (Class-A) filter stages (which reduces incoming power supply noise/ripple).

7. Potentiometer frame/housing is now grounded (was floating in first MK1 design).

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The VCF-74 is a 14HP voltage controlled filter in Eurorack format. VCF-74 features a dual analogue high-pass and low-pass filter, cascaded (series, from HP > LP). The discrete diode filter circuit is inspired by the 1970s Univox Mini-Korg synthesizer's "Traveler" filter section which provides warm, organic sound to your modular system. However, this design was not only adapted for Eurorack, but is feature enhanced for a wide array of possible filter characteristics.

A stage boost switch allows you to drive the 2nd filter section (Low-Pass) with a +5.3dB signal boost from the High-Pass output signal creating a warm saturation and varied resonance to signal ratio/dynamics. Independent manual resonance controls per filter section allows you to fine-tune a wide variety of focused sound. Input and Output level controls allow you to optimize dynamic range, including how hard you drive the filter--which drastically changes the dynamic interplay between signal and harmonic resonance. Both High-Pass and Low-Pass circuits have independent cutoff controls. Independent CV inputs for cutoff and resonance of each filter section, and attenuation/gain for CV to cutoff provide superior control over filter behavior. The VCF-74 can be set up as a Low-Pass, High-Pass, or Band-Pass filter. Width of the Band-Pass can be adjusted by simply dialing in the offset controls appropriately.

Check out the audio/video Demos on YouTube here.

Also: Check out our quick start guide for more details.

Input and Output jacks:

  • Audio In
  • High-Pass Cut In (CV)
  • High-Pass Res In (CV)
  • Low-Pass Res In (CV)
  • Low-Pass Cut In (CV)
  • Audio Out

Current draw: 38mA (+12V); 44mA (-12V)

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VSL VCF-74 Eurorack Filter
VSL VCF-74 Eurorack Filter

Additional Info

The VCF-74 is expected to be available July of 2016. These modules will first ship to retailers from our distributor in Portland, Oregon. A list of retailers and where you can purchase these (in store and online) will be announced in our NEWS page as well here at the VCF-74 product page. Stay tuned!...