Do you have the NoisySix installed for your Korg Polysix? If so, you can improve the performance with this modification!

We have discovered some improvements for the Korg Polysix. One set of modifications that are simple to perform are outlined in a service bulletin created by us that addresses frequency and transient response of the MG (LFO) circuit of the P6 when a NoisySix is installed.

To review the published service bulletin, visit:

VCF-74 is now shipping!

It has been a couple weeks since our VCF-74 module was released and shipped to various dealers. It seems to be going quite well as we are hearing from many happy customers. Our dealer list keeps growing:

  • Control
  • Matttech Modular
  • Control Voltage
  • Analogue Haven
  • Perfect Circuit Audio

If you haven't seen our audio/video demos for the VCF-74, you can view them on your YouTube channel at:

Here is the latest video demo!


Our VCF-74 is in its final stages of manufacturing this week! Our best guess is that these modules will be ready to ship (to retailers) sometime next week (or the week after). Most likely the VCF-74 will only be available through retail channels (not direct from Vintage Synth Lab)--however, we will include this information as soon as we know if/when/where they can be purchased. If you want to be notified directly with significant updates for the VCF-74, please fill out the contact submission form at:

To hear and see demos at our YouTube channel, please visit: